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there is something strangely arousing about knowing people are looking at it :/

i love it when i know people male or female are getting turned on just by looking at my pics. oh and i love my lips watching how they wrap around a...

I get eroused thinking about what others are thing when they see my vigina.. Specially my husband... The way he look at me and my assets... Really...

I'm going to agree with Emily that i dont think turned on is the right words. but i do find it strangely visually appealing and i like the tightness...

[......] ? and I have to be out of my mind to have photo's of my penis on here.. I'm on the other part of this web-site that breaks it down by...

I was speechless when I seen my first nude woman in person, and even more speechless when I had my first "D" cups in my hands... lol... ^o^


I'm no statue of David, and I'm Glad I didn't Date the statue of Liberty.. From back in the day I could tell when a Woman was or is proud of her...

Agree that licking a well groomed one is pretty good

I wouldn't say that i'm really turned on by my own except when playing with it. I will say that I am happy with the way it looks though

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What turns You On Most About Your Vagina?

Tell us what turns you girls on most about your own vaginas.

my fat vagina

I love Vagina,
Especially the Larger the Labia the better. My Cock just loves to be wrapped in those lady lips

Delhi females invite me

nothing like a nicely shaved pussy very nice

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