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This site is a great idea. But their are very few participants except the people that come for the pictures.
We have to find a way to make people ask...
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This has the potential to be a great site and yet no one comments or likes or encourages or talks. So I assume you all find a picture to Jack or... Show more

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Tony it's a nice shaft but hard to rate with a blurry shot of the head. You really have to put up a better picture.
Like I said nice shaft.

Rate me

Is it big

Does nobody on this site have any comments or opinions?

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You never know with a flaccid penis. If it's cold it's small. If you have to piss in the morning it's hard or a semi. Only way you can tell is when...

Looks great to me.
I'd blow it what do you think of mine?

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Tony k It's a nice looking cock I would enjoy sucking it 3 years ago
Frank Darn, your cock is long, and it appears to be thin.. I find thin cocks to be erotic.. Mine was on the thin side, but not as nearly as long as... Show more 2 years ago
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